Located in Southeast Michigan


Low/High Volume Production

molded magnesium products, llc.


Manufacturer of injection molded magnesium parts and products using Thixomolding, a semi-solid (Thixotropic) molding process with advantages over normal molding of magnesium.  Capable of producing lighter weight parts with higher ductility, the ability to mold complex, high precision, ultra thin walled designs and more. Thixomolding is environmentally friendly and the material used are fully recyclable.



Located approx 70 miles west of Detroit, Michigan, MMP-Molded Magnesium Products is a full service supplier of magnesium injection molded components using the THIXOMOLDING  process.

Supplying to the automotive, medical, defense and electronics industries, MMP can provide in-house and out-sourced CNC machining and metal finishing (including powdercoating).

Founded in 2008, MMP has been supplying thin-wall, high precision and structural parts ranging in size from 0.25 oz. (7 grams) to over 5.5 lbs (2.5) kg

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